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Renting a House/Apartment/Loft/Condo
Duplex or Fourplex

We know that finding a new rental home can be stressful, so Texas Sold Team Realty, LLC makes looking for your next house to rent easy and convenient. Whether you’re staying local or moving cross-country, we have access to thousands of listings for rental houses. We can narrow your search based on price, location, features and other criteria that are important to you. Save time and money by taking virtual tours of homes for rent right from your living room. We want you to be satisfied—and to find the home rental that’s right for you.

Rental Property Finder
Buying a home may or may not be right for you, just as renting an apartment may or may not be right for you. However, on a general level, you may be likely to hear that buying a home is better.

Buy vs. Rent
Buying a home may or may not be right for you, just as renting an apartment may or may not be right for you. However, on a general level, you may be likely to hear that buying a home is better.

General Rental Requirements
Once we help you find a place where you want to live, you'll probably be asked to fill out a rental application. The application will normally ask for your current and past addresses, and much more.

Types of Rental Property
There are different types of housing you can search for when renting. For example, you can choose a house, an apartment, loft, duplex or fourplex.

Tips on Finding a Great Apartment in Any Big City

Finding a quality, affordable apartment in any large U.S city can be a daunting task. However, there is no need to sift through a barrel of lemons to get to a gem. Justin Kling and Michael Pottern of the Chicago-based apartment locating service, Apartment Savvy, share their expertise on an apartment search in any city:

  1. Research different neighborhoods and determine what area might be suitable for your lifestyle. Ask yourself questions like:

    • "What stage of my life am I in? Do I want to live in an area that caters to a younger lifestyle or do I want a quieter area with families?

    • "How close do I want to live to work?"

    • "Do I want a gym or a grocery store near to my apartment?"

    • "How am I going to get around the city in terms of transportation?"

  2. Understand your budget and realize that from neighborhood to neighborhood and city to city you won't get the same bang for your buck.

  3. Make sure your credit score is in good standing as landlords will run a credit check on all prospective tenants.

  4. See a lot of places and get a true sense of the city before you lock yourself in to an extended lease.

  5. Consider using a reputable, free apartment broker service in your city as they have infinite knowledge of the rental landscape with no cost to you.

  6. Look for an apartment with the intention of signing a lease! If you are looking for an apartment during the busy season (typically the months from April to August) and you find a unit you like, that unit may be gone by the end of the day if you don't lock in the deal.

  7. Be weary of Internet ads. Pictures can be deceiving and apartments may be embellished!

  8. Think about the time and money cost of public transportation, cabs or parking your own car when you start your apartment search. Using an apartment broker service alleviates all hassle so all you have to do is concentrate on what apartment you liked the best.

  9. Ask friends and colleagues about positive apartment search experiences they have had in a particular city so you can narrow your options.

  10. Make sure you feel safe and secure in your new area. Do you want a doorman? Are there a lot of people walking around your area? Are the buildings on the street nicely kept? Is there new construction going up?

Written by Patrice Poltzer
June 5, 2007


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